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Our 30,000th Pinterest Pin!

by DrivingEnthusiast

A milestone: we have passed the 30,000th Pin milestone on our DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board!

We’ve built what is probably the most extensive Pinterest Board for driving enthusiasts that exists in the web today. And we built it as a reference site for today, 10 years from now and 20 years from now.

We know that in 20 years the automotive landscape will be significantly different from today… and we know that at the moment we are at the all-time a high point of performance in both drivetrain and handling dynamics. But that will change with the coming electric revolution – performance will increase much further and faster as we’ve already seen from Tesla and the like. But we also know that as both you and we age, as we will look back fondly at some of these high points, that we’ll be amused at some of the low points, and that we will also want to look even further back in time to the 1960s, 1940s, and even more. Why? Because we love cars, we love driving, and we appreciate the emotion of great cars. And that’s why we built the DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Site.

Here’s where we stand today: 30,734 Pins, 160 Boards.

Our 30,000th Pin is of this beautiful 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA: the newly announced limited edition with a 540 HP version of the 2.9L V-6 bi-turbo engine, 220lb weight reduction, specific suspension and aerodynamics:

Beautiful, simply beautiful! A timeless design that we will believe to be as beautiful in 20 years as we do today.

Given extra time due to the pandemic… we’ve added several significant new Boards as well as continued to build out our existing Boards. For example, we’ve added a new Board on Iso Automotoveicoli S.p.A. – yes, we encountered a great example in person – although it took some time to figure out what it was when we photographed it. We added a Board on the ASC McLaren Capri, and significantly fleshed out our board on the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. We’ve added a new Board on Gyroscope cars, and seeing one in action at the Lane Motor Museum (our favorite car museum of them all) left us fascinated.

And so on, with thousands of new Pins across most of our Boards, too many to list here!

Organization of 30,000++ images continues to be a challenge; in the case of our Nissan & Datsun Z Board, we have added sub-Boards for each generation. An din this case, with an all-new generation of the Z coming next year, we have moved the 791 Pins of the current and past generations to their own sub-Boards, leaving only the images Nissan recently published in the main section. 

Speaking of which, approximately 80% of the images on this Board are copyright by the manufacturers (this includes press videos, window stickers and commercial advertising) and the rest are our own images taken at press launches, car shows, ownership of our own cars and those of contributors, and at other events over the years. Unfortunately car shows are probably dead for the remainder of this year, and we are really looking forward for their return after the pandemic because we have a long list of rare cars and close-up details that we are actively seeking out. For example, the annual British car show of our home state was just cancelled due to C-19 and we are all very disappointed about that since it a great source of interesting and unique British cars.