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900-hp triple-rotor turbo’d RX-8  

The mother of all car video sites

There goes your weekend, and your workweek too: there are over 300 car videos on this site!

Business Week Online – automotive dashboards

Good article in Business Week Online about near-future development in automotive dashboards.

Experimenting with Technorati

After 1600 posts on a large variety of automotive related topics, and watching my website stats closely, I find that I need a better way...

Triple World Rally Championship celebration for Ford of Europe

Triple World Rally Championship. February 6, 2006 Ford of Europe has many reasons to celebrate overnight for Marcus Gronholm's win in the Uddeholm Swedish...

Fiat Punto – 115 MPH on radar…?

You'll remember the case of the near supersonic MINI several months ago in Europe, here's another. A British man was accused of driving at...

Texas Classic Car Show – Sept 16, 2006

I've never had much interest in cars shows. Too loud music, muscle cars that drive just between their trailer and the show, late model cars that...

United States F1 Grand Prix: the first available souvenir

Here it is: so far the first and only souvenir of the upcoming F1 track, form the town it is being built in. You can...