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DeLorean (DMC)

    This ’81 Delorean was recently offered on eBay. It’s a 1981 model with a Buick twin-turbo V-6 engine swap. This is one of the most noteworthy DMC swaps we’ve ever seen, and may well be the fastest Delorean ever built. So we’ve taken the liberty of preserving the images and text here.

    As posted on eBay:

    Classic Car Fusion is excited to offer this one of a kind Delorean DMC-12 with a Dutteiller Performance built Twin Turbo all aluminum 265ci Buick V6 engine swap. Dubbed “the world’s fastest Delorean” and featured by Matt Farrah on an episode of Tuned on Drive, this 1981 first year DMC-12 has the iconic Ital Design wedge shaped brushed stainless steel body with incredibly rare 2 piece 5 spoke Delorean wheels.

    One of only 9,200 Deloreans ever made, this unique example has been kept all original on the exterior hiding the jewel of this car, the Kenny Duttweiller built all aluminum Buick V6 with a pair of turbo’s for good measure.

    Built from the ground up, the block deck is drilled for both the production 8 bold and Stage 2 14 bolt head bolt pattern. New Duttweiller external oil feed bosses were machined front and rear enabling easy dry sump hook up and bypasses the restrictive Buick front cover internal passages. The rotating assembly includes a Crower 3.625 inch billet steel stroker crank, 6.300 inch Crower 4340 billet steel rods with floating pins and Clevite TM-77 rod bearings, CP 8.5:1 heavy duty forged pistons, and a custom Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam with guided lifters.

    The aluminum heads are ported TA street eliminator heads with MSD 72 lb/hr fuel injectors being fed by a high volume Aeromotive electric fuel pump and controlled by a Motec M600 ECM computer management controller. Boost is taken care of by a pair of Precision Turbo GT30-R turbos set to a healthy 18psi all mated to some one-off custom equal length stainless steel turbo headers.

    At maximum tune this beast was dynoed at 707.8HP @ 5,700rpm, and while the all aluminum Buick blocks have been tested by Duttweiller to over 1500hp, the current tune on this motor is a very manageable 570HP… in a 2,712lb car.

    The interior is largely original and unrestored except for a gauge cluster housing vintage aviation gauges to keep an eye on the boosted engine levels. A 5 inch programmable tachometer and an upgraded sound system with a pair of amplifiers and a small subwoofer are the only other additions.

    Now is your chance to own an absolutely iconic car with a professionally built twin turbo V6 race motor and clutch. This is a truly unique Delorean with the ubiquitous issue of power more than taken care of as you can now hit 88mph faster than you can spell “great scott”.

    Yes, “Great Scott” indeed. Duttweiller engine – flux capacitor and reactor not needed. Transmission? Not a word. But there are videos:


    The full set of images are in our gallery; following are selected images; the important stuff!

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