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    Ford sharpens Cougar’s claws with ST200 debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

    FRANKFURT, 14 September, 1999 – Ford is promising a treat for driving enthusiasts, with the launch of the high performance 205 PS Ford Cougar ST200 early next year. The exhilarating coupé is making its public debut at the Frankfurt Show.

    The Ford Cougar ST200 combines the sporty, free-revving, 2.5-litre V6 engine already acclaimed in the Mondeo ST200 with a unique suspension set-up optimised for agile handling. The result is a car that is exceptionally responsive and rewarding to drive.

    “The inherent capabilities and purposeful looks of the Ford Cougar make it a natural choice for the application of performance technology and techniques that we’ve developed and honed in motorsport,” says Will Boddie, Vice President of Ford’s Small and Medium Car Vehicle Centre. “Inspired by the responsive new engine, and with dynamics on the standard car that are already among the best in class, the Cougar ST200 team has been free to create a powerful sports coupé that really sets the pulse racing.”

    Increased power and uprated suspension

    For the ST200, the power output of the Ford Cougar’s existing, all-aluminium, 24-valve V6 Duratec engine has been increased by more than 20 per cent, from 170 PS to 205 PS. Cylinder heads, camshafts, intake manifolds and the inlet and exhaust systems have all been tuned to develop both extra power and torque. In the Cougar ST200, the engine provides a top speed of 230 km/h and cuts the 0-100 km/h speed to 7.8 seconds.

    To handle the extra power, the car’s suspension has been comprehensively retuned, with the clear objective of providing outstanding levels of handling. Overall stiffness has been substantially increased, with measures including the adoption of a larger rear anti-roll bar, while re-balancing of all the suspension elements ensures that the car’s ride comfort is still exemplary.

    To suit the character of the Ford Cougar ST200, steering response has also been sharpened, with the emphasis on providing greater ‘feel’ for the driver around the centre point. As a result, the steering responds very directly to driver inputs, contributing further to the car’s performance appeal.

    Sports styling details inside and out complete the high-specification package, including new 17-inch alloy wheels, a blue background to the instruments and supportive leather-covered seats. Both the front seats are heated and the driver’s seat has six-way power adjustment. Paint colours will include a new, metallic ice blue which will be exclusive to the Cougar ST200.

    The Ford Cougar ST200 will go on sale early in the year 2000 in Germany and selected other European markets (Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland). Prices will be announced nearer launch.