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  • The Lexus LFA represents one of those exceedingly rare opportunities for enthusiasts to watch a car company reinvent itself. And it’s no coincidence that the project that drives the reinvention is a supercar. A supercar incorporating…

  • One of our favorite cars, the Lexus IS-F (’10 and up, of course, with the improved suspension and LSD), giving rides at Shenandoah during a TrackDaze HPDE school. Interesting that they allow their Yellow group…

  •  Beautiful. The custom-built “IS 250C” was commissioned by Lexus and built by 0-60 and Design Craft Fabrication. It’s based on the standard 2-door convertible model. And it’s something you could build yourself. We like that idea… Note…

  • We’ve spec’d out our own Lexus LFA, and (click here:) here’s what it will sound like ! Now to figure out how to get Lexus to select us as one of the lucky (very) few leasees.

  • 560 HP at 8700 RPM. Unbelievable – this is even more significant than the GT-R. We’re only hours from it’s debut at the Tokyo show. We can’t wait!

  • Listen to that engine! It’s very clear that Toyota is back and that another legend is in the making.