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    The Alpine A110 has reached production on a new dedicated assembly line in Dieppe, France. It’s being celebrated in the press already and is seen as more than a viable Porsche Boxster/Cayman competitor – it’s already recognized as superior to the new 718 generation (with it’s soulless 4 cylinder turbo engine). But just as importantly, the A110 pioneers new assembly methods that Renault can use going forward to bring all-aluminum design and production to more mainstream and higher volume cars.

    Are there  concerns? Absolutely none, the Alpine A110 is an exceptional sportscar in every way. Except… for those of us here in North America. Without a Renault dealer network, we have no way to get the car and there doesn’t appear to be anything forthcoming to resolve that. Perhaps Renault could try it like Alfa Romeo did.. start with a relatively expensive sportscar (4C) as a dealer network is built, then bring over a more mainstream sedan and SUV (if you could call the phenomenal Giulia and and the Stelvio mainstream!), followed by a less expensive higher volume product. We’d sure like to see the stunning 2018 Renault MÉGANE R.S. available in North America! And partner Nissan already has the distribution network in place. And certainly Renault has the soul and uniquely French passion in the Alpine. Reality, though, steps in… in the midst of the very expensive investments needed for new powerplants over the next 10 years, to prepare for a European Union banning diesel and gasoline powerplants altogether in another 15 years, an investment in a North American network is probably just too expensive at this time. But hopefully Carlos Ghosn is watching Alfa and their successes…

    Our Driving Enthusiast Alpine Pinterest Board has a full set of images of the Renault Alpine A110 production line in Dieppe in action, and a total of 260 images of classic Alpines as well as the new Renault Alpine A110.

    Renault Press Release Follows:

    Groupe Renault inaugurates new Alpine A110 production line in Dieppe, France

    December 14, 2017
    • Carlos Ghosn, Renault Chairman and CEO, and Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, officially inaugurated the production line for the new Alpine A110 today at Alpine’s manufacturing base in Dieppe, France.

    • This production line provides Groupe Renault with a high-end facility that is unique in Europe for the assembly of all-aluminium cars.

    • Staff numbers at the Dieppe plant have increased by 60 percent in two years.

    Dieppe, France, December 14, 2017 – Carlos Ghosn, Renault Chairman and CEO, and France’s Minister for Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire today inaugurated the new Alpine A110 production line at Groupe Renault’s Alpine facility in Dieppe, Normandy, the brand’s original home. Together, Mr Ghosn and Mr Le Maire inspected the production line dedicated to Alpine’s new sports car.

    “The revival of Alpine production in Dieppe, where the original Berlinette was made almost 50 years ago, presented us with a challenge, but we rose to it together, with backing from the state, the region, the local urban district, Groupe Renault and the Alliance. Investment totalled more than €35 million, 151 people have been recruited and the factory has been refurbished. The excellence and French-style elegance that the brand stands for are more than just claims; today, in Dieppe they are an industrial reality,” declared Carlos Ghosn.

    Following two years’ work and an outlay of more than €35 million, the Dieppe plant is one of a kind in Europe. It is capable of assembling the new Alpine A110’s all-aluminium body and chassis, while the paint shop’s new sanding and cleaning robots guarantee a premium quality finish. The assembly line itself has been modernised in accordance with the Alliance’s best practices.

    In parallel to this transformation, the Dieppe plant has raised workforce levels by 60 percent with the recruitment of 151 new staff over the past two years, and all 392 employees have been given four weeks’ (140 hours) training specific to production of the Alpine A110.

    As Alpine’s historic home, the factory built by Jean Rédélé in 1969 has long specialised in the production of small sporty models. Following its conversion to Alliance manufacturing standards and, more specifically, for production of the new Alpine A110, the Dieppe plant is today perfectly qualified to produce premium vehicles.

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