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    Road & Track has the full story on the FT-HS concept car in the February 2007 issue. Of course this raises the big question – what is the relationship of this to any kind of production car? 

    The enthusiast web is full of speculation that this is somehow a Supra replacement… even with the hybrid engine. Of course, everybody wants a new Supra. But we want solid evidence… not further speculation such as the last two years of outright guesses in Road and Tracks annual future prediction issues. 

    I think we need to get real here. This is clearly a concept. It has angles which cannot be punched out in sheetmetal. It has an engine and drivetrain which are a logical next step from the existing production GS450H. Nothing remotely like it has been spotted testing in Japan, or at the Nurburgring (unlike the upcoming Lexus 2-seat sports car – under test at the ring for the past two years) and the IS-500 (oops, IS-F) which has been shown testing at the ‘ring for two years as well. The FT-HS has godawful aerodynamics and ergonomics. And it has all-but-blocked views out the sides to the back. Toyota couldn’t build a car like this. 

    That’s not to say there isn’t a platform underneath which could be used to build a sporting Supra-type car. That car would likely use the same engines and drivetrain as the IS350, IS-F, and GS450H. That would present a wide range of powerplants, make the green necessary statement, and keep development costs down. 

    But what is wrong with Toyota over the past several years? Celica? Gone! MR-2? Gone! Supra? Gone! As of this moment there isn’t a single sporting car in the entire lineup… and the upcoming IS-F will probably cost 60-70K USD. This is the largest car company in the world… and they have nothing for enthusiasts – at the moment. 
    Toyota FT-HS concept