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    M-powered Z4


    M’s the word for BMW’s ultimate roadster.  Source: Auto Express Car News Nice to see more power in an upcoming Z4, but it’s still heinously ugly. Not sure heinously is a word, but it sure does fit…

  • Great review of the M5 – Clarkson cuts thru the hype and (as always) tells it like it is. http://members.roadfly.com/jason2/TopGearE60M5.wmv  

  • BMW M6 Picture Gallery. With the same 500-hp motor as its 5-series saloon cousin, the new BMW M6 is one of the nastiest coupes on the road. [The Car Blog Shortlinks]

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    Chrome E46 M3


    A new way to get ahead of your competitors on the track: blind them as you come up behind them. The last thing they’ll ever see is a large white dot that burns into their…

  • http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/?http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/ae_news_story.php?id=50874 They claim spy shots too, but apparently that’s only in the print edition.    [Continue at link]

  • Found a great article on this fabulous new engine today, with many details and pictures: http://www.germancarfans.com/news.cfm/newsid/2040623.001/bmw/1.html

  • 2001 BMW M3 Prototype Date: NAIAS, January 2000 Status: Prototype, Production in late 2000 for MY 2001 High-res Image Gallery: http://www.drivingenthusiast.net/sec-blog/?page_id=12396 Our report from the 2000 NAIAS, where BMW exhibited an MS prototype in the form…