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    Videos: BMW 335i


    Three videos of the 2007 335i. HP: 300 Torque: 300 It doesn’t better the all-time inline-six turbo champion – the Supra TT – and there are questions as to it’s ultimate “modability”.

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    BMW twin-turbo I-6


    As followup to an earlier posting about the new BMW twin-turbo inline-6: http://www.DrivingEnthusiast.net/sec-blog/2006/02/20.html#a1306 Here is an article covering it in more detail, with additional pictures: http://car-reviews.automobile.com/news/bavaria-on-boost-bmws-new-302-hp-twin-turbo-i-6-engine/1714/

  • BMW unveils biturbo 3.0-litre six with the same power and more torque than the 4.0-litre eight cylinder engine. The first production twin-turbo inline 6 sincve the legendary Supra TT has been reveiled by BMW. Details…

  • Thanks to the marketing newbies at Lincoln deciding to toss away their established brand names and switch to ever-so-trendy letters, a series of lawsuits has begun. Acura is suing Lincoln over their ill-considered move. BMW…

  • BMW launches the 320SI in Europe (only) as a homologation special, touting the car as “high revving”. 173 HP at 7000 RPM, redline at 7300 RPM. For the equivalent of $42809 US Dollars. What’s the…

  • Gizmo magazine previews the new M version of the Z4 Roadster. I’ve not been a fan of the Z4 Roadster at all. I’ve driven several on tracks and found them all to be very poor…