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    • Bold, American design: Ford Edge stands out in fast-growing CUV market 
    • Performance-plus: Edge’s new 3.5-liter V-6 delivers 250 horsepower and is mated to a 6-speed automatic for performance and fuel efficiency
    • Innovation: MP3-player jack, console laptop storage, panoramic Vista Roof™ and advanced safety features, including Ford’s industry-leading Advance Trac® with Roll Stability Control® (RSC)
    The 2007 Ford Edge defines the crossover utility market with bold, American design and innovation.


    DETROIT, Jan. 8, 2006 – Bold, American design distinguishes the 2007 Ford Edge in the red-hot crossover utility vehicle (CUV) market – along with a dynamic driving character and innovative features designed to make it the “crossover of the year.”

    Equipped with an all-new 250-horsepower V-6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, Edge will deliver performance, quietness and fuel efficiency. Ford Edge is expected to achieve fuel economy in the mid twenties in highway driving.

    “Edge underscores the bold, American design direction for all Ford vehicles going forward,” says Mark Fields, president, The Americas, Ford Motor Company. “Edge also is packed with Ford innovation – from its panoramic glass roof and laptop-friendly center console to fuel-saving engine and advanced safety features. We expect Edge to make waves in the hot crossover market this year just like the Fusion did for midsize cars last year.”

    The bold three-bar grille of the Edge is inspired by the Ford Fusion and Ford 427 concept.


    Since 1995, car-based CUVs have been steadily gaining sales on truckbased SUVs. CUV sales likely will surpass traditional SUVs in 2006.

    CUVs are HotThe CUV is the fastest-growing vehicle segment in the United States, outpacing even the remarkable growth SUVs achieved in the 1990s. CUVs surpassed 2 million U.S. sales in 2005 and are on pace in 2006 to exceed traditional SUV sales for the first time.

    Two distinct consumer trends have helped fuel the explosive growth of the CUV segment: car buyers seeking more spacious and flexible interiors along with the security of all-wheel drive, and traditional SUV buyers seeking more maneuverable and fuel-efficient vehicles that still make an active lifestyle possible.

    Most crossovers have been designed to closely resemble traditional SUVs. Edge heads to a new, unexplored part of the CUV market with a bold, modern, uniquely American design.

    Modern Design with a Dramatic Edge“Edge is not an off-road adventure vehicle, and it doesn’t look like one,” says Peter Horbury, executive director, North America Design. “The inspiration for the Edge is contemporary design and an adventurous state of mind.”

    Edge’s visual promise of dynamic prowess begins with its bold front end. Its distinctive three-bar chromed grille builds on the great look of the Ford Fusion. An aggressively raked windshield and fast-sloping back window with high-mounted rear spoiler accentuate the feeling of motion. Quad-beam headlamps and a “powerdome” hood accentuate the purposeful front-end look.

    Each wheel is planted at an extreme corner, giving Edge a powerful, yet graceful stance. The raised beltline emphasizes strong, sculpted shoulders formed around sharp wheel arches. Matte black lower front and rear fascias and side rocker panels emphasize Edge’s sporty character.


    Edge’s modern design flows into the interior, evident in the instrument panel and distinctive center stack. The center stack design incorporates two 9- by 2-inch vertical vents that bracket the audio and climate-control switches. All-leather seating surfaces feature contrasting stitching inspired by the fashion industry and a hit with Fusion customers.

    “Edge has an expressive look that evokes a connection with the customer’s lifestyle,” Horbury says. “It was important that we design Edge to have maximum flexibility in the amount of gear it can accommodate while still offering customers a contemporary vehicle they can take out on the town.”

    More than 41 models occupy the CUV segment today, but only three compete in a niche subsegment dominated by foreign competition. The 2007 Ford Edge crossover will be the only domestic product in this sub-segment later this year.


    Adaptable, Flexible DesignEdge is designed to fit the customer’s need for style as well as cargo space and adaptability. For example, the large center console uses a removable divider and tray to organize the space both vertically and horizontally for everything from laptop computers and handbags to coins and MP3 players.

    An optional concealed plug means that the Edge has four power points, three within the driver’s reach, along with a segment-first MP3 audio jack. Small slots molded into the side of the console keep phone and MP3 cords neat and organized. The console lid has a ticket clip, two pen holders and a tissue holder.

    The reconfigurable center console can hold objects as large as a laptop and features a concealed power point and MP3-audio input jack.

    Edge also is big on details. A 20-ounce-cup holder is included in each front-door map pocket, along with juice box holders in the rear door pockets, two super-size-cup holders in the center console and two in the rear armrest.

    Edge offers comfortable seating for five or can accommodate items up to 8 feet long with the rear seats and front passenger seat folded flat.

    Edge comfortably seats five, offering available six-way power, heated, adjustable front seats and best-in-class adult headroom and legroom for the second row. An easy-to-use available folding front-passenger seat creates an extended load floor.

    The 60/40 reclining split second row folds to provide a level load floor for carrying equipment in the large cargo area. Edge can transport items as long as 8 feet inside with the front passenger seat folded down. Each rear seat can be folded manually using an industry-first single-hand release or automatically with an available EasyFold™ electro-mechanical remote release accessible from the rear cargo area.

    Edge options include Ford’s next-generation DVD-based navigation system and factory-installed Sirius satellite radio. Rear-seat passengers can enjoy the available DVD entertainment system with a drop-down 8-inch screen and two pairs of wireless headphones.

    Class-Exclusive Panoramic Vista Roof™

    Edge’s class-exclusive Vista Roof™ glass roof brings open-air motoring to the crossover segment.

    Edge’s available panoramic Vista Roof™ opens up a whole world of possibilities. The large glass moon roof provides a grand view of the sky above and can open for a sense of freedom that accentuates Edge’s sporting nature.

    The tilt-and-slide front roof and fixed rear glass panel of the Vista Roof™ provide panoramic views for front and rear passengers.

    The roof features a large 27.3- by 29.4-inch forward panel that offers tilt and slide opening, and a 15.75- by 31.3-inch fixed rear glass panel. A one-touch-open switch provides open-air touring. Close the forward roof, and the enormous skylights allow natural light to flood the cabin, while protecting the cabin from the elements. When preferred, the twin power-operated cloth shades can be closed simultaneously to block glare.

    “When you sit in this vehicle and look up and see the sky all around you, you just want to take it out for a drive and chase the horizon,” says Horbury.

    Engaging Driving Dynamics Set Edge ApartEdge embodies a unique sense of adventure. “We’ve instilled Edge with balanced, agile and fun-to-drive dynamics,” says Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Product Development. “Getting to wherever you’re going can be part of the fun of the adventure.”

    Edge’s modern car-based foundation facilitates its excellent driving character. The front suspension features MacPherson struts and an isolated subframe, firmly attached in six locations. To further smooth out the ride, hydro-bushings are used.


    The four-link independent rear suspension uses stamped steel control blades for precise suspension tuning. The rear shocks are mounted as far outboard as possible in the vehicle and behind the wheel center to improve ride and handling. Edge comes standard with four-wheel-disc anti-lock brakes.

    Edge’s solid foundation and advanced independent rear suspension create an engaging driving experience.

    “We tuned Edge to be very responsive, offering drivers a confident ride without compromising the fun-to-drive quotient,” says Elaine Bannon, Edge chief vehicle engineer.

    Edge’s all-new 3.5-liter V-6 features a strong, lightweight, die-cast aluminum block and lightweight 4-valve-per-cylinder heads for smooth operation at high rpm. A 10.3:1 compression ratio and close-coupled catalysts will help it meet stringent ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) II regulations.


    The all-new 6-speed automatic transmission uses a wide 6.04:1 gear ratio to deliver good fuel economy and performance. Short first and second gears provide impressive launch and acceleration, while the tall overdrive gears deliver 7 percent better fuel economy than a 4-speed automatic.

    Edge’s available intelligent all-wheel-drive (AWD) system was tuned with an emphasis on performance while offering confident all-weather driving. By constantly monitoring and predicting traction, the system delivers torque to all four wheels, even before the wheels begin to slip. An active on-demand coupler can deliver the precise amount of torque to the rear wheels. Paired with available AdvanceTrac® traction control, intelligent AWD can transfer torque front-to-rear and side-to-side.


    Safety Begins with Accidents AvoidedEdge customers will find peace of mind in Ford’s comprehensive approach to safety, including available active safety technology and comprehensive passive safety features.

    “Edge’s confident handling helps drivers avoid accidents, especially when paired with the industry-exclusive AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control (RSC®),” says Stephen Kozak, Ford Safety chief engineer. “Should an accident occur, Edge features a comprehensive package of passive safety features to help provide enhanced safety performance.”

    Edge is available with Ford’s AdvanceTrac® with RSC®, the industry’s only electronic stability control system that uses two gyroscopic sensors to monitor both yaw and roll motions. Monitoring both motions allows for yaw-control enhancements, providing class-leading side-slip and roll stability control.

    Edge comes standard with dual-stage driver and front-passenger air bags, an energy-absorbing steering wheel and knee bolster for the driver and an energy-absorbing glove box for the passenger. The driver seat uses a seat position sensor while the passenger seat uses an occupant classification sensor – both are equipped with load-limiting safety belts and pretensioners.

    Edge offers several layers of side-impact protection, including solid unibody construction with cross-member ladder frame, a reinforced greenhouse, energy-absorbing side door trim, available seat-mounted side air bags and Ford’s Safety Canopy™ system with rollover detection and extended-duration side curtain air bags.

    Impressive Interior QuietnessEdge’s well-rounded, modern performance extends to impressive refinement, enhancing the driving experience.

    Engineers spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning Edge’s interior ambiance. For example, the side mirrors were specifically designed to reduce wind noise. Even the radio antenna was scrutinized. Engineers took clay modelers into the wind tunnel to fine-tune the mirror design.

    By modifying the pitch and height of the spiral by tenths of a millimeter, wind noise was reduced by as much as two decibels.

    Ford Aims for CUV Leadership

    Edge joins Ford’s CUV growth, which outpaced the competition in 2005.

    With its unique combination of styling, capability and driving dynamics, Edge is the perfect complement to Ford Motor Company’s expanding CUV lineup. Ford outpaced the competition in CUV growth in 2005 and looks to further energize the CUV market in 2006 with the new Edge and two other crossovers – the Lincoln MKX and Mazda CX-7.

    Ford Edge goes on sale in the fourth quarter of 2006. It will be manufactured at Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex in Ontario, Canada.



    • All-new, refined 250-hp 3.5-liter V-6 with variable cam timing and electronic throttle control delivers engaging performance
    • Class-exclusive 6-speed automatic provides smooth operation and good fuel economy (expected mid 20s in highway driving)

    DETROIT, Jan. 8, 2006 – With an all-new powertrain combination, Ford Edge delivers impressive performance feel. This crossover has near-luxury levels of quietness and refinement and fuel economy numbers associated with smaller vehicles.

    Edge performance begins with an all-new 250-horsepower 3.5-liter Duratec 35 V-6 engine mated to a smooth and efficient 6-speed automatic transmission.


    “Performance and good fuel economy can go hand-in-hand if you develop the right technologies,” says Barb Samardzich, vice president, Powertrain Operations, Ford Motor Company. “That’s why Ford is committed to 6-speed automatic transmissions, electronic throttle, variable cam timing and other advanced powertrain technologies.”

    Powerful New V-6 Engine Designed to Deliver

    Featuring a number of technological innovations, the new Duratec 35 engine delivers 250 hp and 240 pound-feet of torque for acceleration performance. It’s expected to be at or near the top of the medium crossover segment while achieving fuel economy in the mid-20s on the highway.

    The engine’s intelligent electronic throttle body uses an accelerator pedal sensor to read and interpret the driver’s intentions. This sets the engine to run at its peak efficiency for both performance and fuel economy.

    For improved fuel economy and high-rpm refinement, the engine features a forged-steel fully counterweighted crank shaft with induction-hardened journals, fractured-split, powder metal-forged connecting rods and high-temperature alloy, cast-aluminum pistons with low-friction coating.

    The engine’s intake was designed as a system, all the way from the throttle body to the intake valves, to create optimum flow for peak power and to broaden the torque curve.

    Computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis was used to fine-tune the dual plenum manifold to deliver the required airflow rates without the need for intake flaps or butterfly valves in the plenum. This not only results in a broader torque signature, but eliminates the “hiccup” associated with engines equipped with butterfly-valve intakes.

    Intake Variable Cam Timing Improves Smoothness and Refinement

    The valve train is controlled by dual camshafts and direct-acting mechanical buckets that are more compact and lighter weight than common roller finger followers. The smaller size improves packaging efficiencies and reduces idle vibration.

    Intake variable cam timing (i-VCT) optimizes valve timing for a smooth idle and helps the engine produce a broad torque curve. The i-VCT system uses a hydraulically actuated spool valve to control the movement of the cam phaser and can rotate up to 40 degrees, shifting within less than half a second.

    Efficient Combustion Plus a Hard-Working Catalyst Equals Ultra-Low Emissions

    Careful attention to detail in both the combustion system and exhaust after-treatment has produced an exceptionally clean operating engine. The powertrain team focused on four significant enhancements that aid in delivering an ultra-clean and reliable engine:

    • The high 10.3:1 compression ratio effectively lowers emissions while improving both power and fuel economy.
    • Low heat-loss exhaust manifolds and close-coupled catalysts for fast light-off during cold start help minimize cold-start emissions before the catalysts reach operating temperature.
    • Optimized fuel injector targeting also helps in minimizing cold-start emissions.
    • Centrally located spark plugs increase the engine’s thermal efficiency.

    Edge is expected to be rated for ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) II tailpipe emissions in California and receive a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rating of Tier II/Bin 5 tailpipe and low-emission vehicle (LEV) II evaporative emissions in other states.

    All-new, Class-Exclusive 6-speed Delivers Smooth, Efficient Performance

    Edge comes standard with an all-new, class-exclusive 6-speed transaxle that improves fuel efficiency up to 7 percent in highway driving over 4-speed transmissions while offering better performance and smoother, more precise shifts.

    “Ford is taking a leadership position in 6-speed automatic transmissions,” says Samardzich. “With the introduction of the Ford Edge, we will have a dozen models with 6-speed automatics in our showrooms, and more on the way.”

    The 6F uses a wide-ratio 6.04:1 gear span to deliver maximum performance and fuel economy. The low 4.48:1 first gear provides tremendous acceleration at launch while the tall, 0.74:1 overdrive sixth gear provides exceptional fuel economy. Short steps between intermediate gears enhance performance and feel by finding the right gear for the most efficient operating conditions.

    6F Design Delivers Impressive NVH

    The elimination of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) was a high priority of the development team. Every area of the transmission was scrutinized to provide smooth, quiet operation.

    Powertrain engineers focused on the design of the interface between the engine and transmission to nearly eliminate the bending that occurs under acceleration, resulting in smooth launches and shifts.

    Extensive use of CAE modeling on the transmission case built a solid housing for the transmission components. Engineers used analysis to determine exactly where strengthening ribs and wall thickness were needed to minimize radiated noise and vibration.

    The three simple planetary gearsets are designed for robustness and use low-pinion pitch line velocities to reduce noise.

    All gears are cut using high-precision CNC cutting machines. The transfer and final drive gears are hard-treated, providing a more precise fit, reducing gear whine.

    Unlike many transmissions where the gears are “green finished” (heat-treated and then shaped) these “big gears” are CNC-shaped before they are heat-treated. After grinding, the gears are honed or polished to remove “ghost lines” – the microscopic undulations left in the surfaces of the teeth after shaping. The finished gears are then heat-treated. This additional step results in a 50 percent improvement in tolerances and greatly reduces gear-to-gear noise.

    The 6F uses clutches for each shift. High-volume transmissions traditionally use bands on lower gears to save money. Bands are notoriously difficult to control, requiring quite a lot of compromises to cover up lurching and sloppy shifts. Clutches, on the other hand, are much more precise in delivering quiet, smooth shifts throughout the ratio span.

    Innovative Control Strategy Improves Shift Quality

    A single intelligent control module shared by the Duratec 35 and 6F transmission has a learning function that collects data each time the transmission shifts, measures the response and makes corrections to tailor the transmission’s response to the driver.

    To ensure the best possible shift quality, each 6F transmission is bench tested at Ford’s Van Dyke (Mich.) Transmission Plant. There, the transmission build quality is verified, detecting even minute variations in the manufacturing process. Unique software programmed into the powertrain control module individually trims and characterizes all solenoids and clutches to compensate for variances that normally would lead to changes in shift feel. This strategy produces smooth, precisely controlled shifts that improve durability and customer satisfaction.

    Dingy Tow Compatibility Allows for Ease in Flat Towing

    Customers who wish to flat tow their vehicles behind a motor home or camper have been limited to 4×4 vehicles that feature a transfer case with a neutral setting. The 6F features a unique technology that allows for flat towing without adversely affecting the transmission. A gravity-drip tray, mounted on top of the gearsets, collects the lubricant as it’s splashed up on the transmission. As the vehicle is being towed, lubricant drips slowly from the tray onto the gearsets, continuing to lubricate the transmission.

    “It’s an elegant innovation,” says Ram Krishnaswami, manager, 6F transmission. “It is a very simple piece of technology that works remarkably well.”


    Construction Unibody
    Final Assembly Location Oakville, Ontario
    Type 3.5L DOHC 24-valve V6
    Manufacturing Location Lima Engine Plant, Ohio
    Configuration 60 degree V6, aluminum block and heads
    Intake Manifold Composite, split plenum
    Exhaust Manifold Cast Iron
    Crankshaft Forged steel
    Redline 6700 RPM
    Idle Speed in Drive 620 RPM (640 with trailer tow package)
    Throttle Body 65mm, electronic
    Valvetrain DAMB, 4 valves per cylinder, intake variable camshaft timing
    Valve Diameter Intake: 37mm; Exhaust: 31mm
    Pistons High temperature cast aluminum alloy with low-friction coated skirts, low tension rings
    Connecting Rods Cracked powder metal
    Ignition Pencil Coil
    Bore x stroke 3.6 x 3.4 in/ 92.5 x 86.7 mm
    Displacement 213 cu in/ 3.496 cc
    Compression ratio 10.3:1
    Horsepower 250 @ 6250
    Horsepower per liter 71.5
    Torque 240 lb-ft @ 4500
    Recommended fuel 87 Octane
    Fuel capacity 20 gallons
    Fuel Injection Sequential multi-port fuel injection
    Emission Control Closed loop with catalyst
    Emissions (tailpipe/evaporation)
    Federal standards Fed: Tier 2/Bin5, LEV II
    California standards Calif: ULEV II
    Oil Capacity 5.5 quarts, with filter
    Recommended Oil GF4, 5W-20
    Layout FWD (Optional AWD)
    Standard 6-Speed Automatic
    Gear Ratios
    1st 4.484
    2nd 2.872
    3rd 1.842
    4th 1.414
    5th 1.000
    6th 0.742
    REV -2.882
    Final Drive FWD: 2.77; AWD: 3.16
    Front Macpherson strut and L-shaped lower control arm with isolated subframe and stabilizer bar
    Rear Independent suspension with trailing blade, integrated knuckle and lateral links, isolated subframe and stabilizer bar
    Type Power rack and pinion
    Steering column Tilt-telescope
    Ratio 17.5:1
    Turns lock-to-lock 3.15
    Turning circle curb-to-curb 11.5 m (37.7 ft)
    Type 4-wheel ABS (4 channel); Optional AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control (RSC®)
    Front Disc
    Swept area FWD (63.5 in2) AWD (66.8 in2)
    Rear Disc
    Swept area 51.3 in2
    Power assist Yes
      P235/65R17 all-season BSW on 17×7-in. steel with cover (SE)
    P235/65R17 all-season BSW on 17×7.5-in. painted aluminum (SEL, optional SE)
    P245/60R18 all-season BSW on 18×7.5-in. painted aluminum or aluminum with chrome (optional SEL)
    Recommended tire pressure (front/rear) 35 psi
     DIMENSIONS (inches unless otherwise noted) (All dimensions are Preliminary)
    Wheelbase 111.2
    Overall length 185.7 (SE); 186.5 (SEL)
    Overall width 75.8
    Overall height 67.0 (w/o roofrack); 68.7 (w/roofrack)
    Track width, front/rear 65.2/64.9
    Ground clearance 8.0
    Approach angle 16 deg
    Departure angle 22 deg
    Ramp breakover angle 14 deg
    Cargo Volume behind front row 68.7 cu ft
    Cargo Volume behind second row 32.0 cu ft
    Seating capacity 5 passenger
    Front row 40.0 (w/o moonroof); 37.8 (w/moonroof)
    Second row 39.3 (w/o moonroof); 38.6 (w/moonroof)
    Front row 40.7
    Second row 38.1
    Shoulder room
    Front row 58.9
    Second row 58.8
    Hip room
    Front row 54.8
    Second row 56.1
     WEIGHTS AND CAPACITIES (pounds unless otherwise noted)
    Maximum towing capacity
    (when properly equipped)
    Class II (3500 lbs)
    Maximum payload (when properly equipped)
    FWD SE: 1011; SEL: 1023
    Base curb weight
    SE 4098
    SEL 4086
    Weight distribution (f/r) 60/40
    SE Model Anti-lock brakes, spoiler, remote keyless entry, manual fold power mirrors, cloth bucket seats, 2nd row 60/40 split-fold-flat bench seats with center head restraint, 3-point belts in all positions, front row height adjustable seat belts, BeltMinder® (front row), Personal Safety System™, child safety locks, LATCH, front and rear floormats, front console, manual air conditioning, power windows with one-touch down driver, power locks, speed control, premium AM/FM/Single CD/MP3 capable audio system and 4 speakers
    SEL adds Fog lamps, 6-way power driver seat, overhead console, premium CDx6 with 9 speakers, steering wheel audio controls, unique Interior treatments, message center/compass, chrome exhaust tips, dual illuminated visors
    Interior Side air bags, Safety Canopy™, auto-dimming rearview mirror, premium CDx6, audio jack in center console, SIRIUS Satellite radio

    SEL only options: Leather seats, 6-way power passenger seat, passenger seat fold flat, heated seats, memory driver seat, remote release on 2nd row fold-flat seats, dual electronic automatic temperature control with air filter, manual fold power heated side mirrors with puddle lamps and memory, audiophile sound, DVD entertainment system, navigation system, redundant climate controls on steering wheel

    Exterior AWD, AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™, Class II trailer tow package, automatic headlamps, roof side rails, 17″ painted aluminum wheels, keyless entry pad

    SEL only Options: Panoramic Vista Roof™, Reverse Sensing System, 18″ chrome clad or painted aluminum wheels

    Exterior color Blazing Copper, Crème Brulee, Redfire, Ebony, Carbon, Dune Pearl, Pewter, Light Sage, Dark Amethyst
    Interior trim Medium Light Stone, Camel, Charcoal Black
    Warranty 3-year, 36,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty

    2007 Ford Edge CUV

    2007 Ford Edge CUV

    2007 Ford Edge CUV

    2007 Ford Edge CUV