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    Nissan Shifts Into Entertainment With Its First Short Film, THE RUN

    – Award-Winning Nissan 350Z Stars in Adrenaline-Filled Film by Two-Time Academy Award®-Winner John Bruno –

    GARDENA, Calif., Wednesday, December 4, 2002 – The Nissan Division of Nissan North America, Inc., (NNA) today announced plans to distribute its first short film, ‘The Run,’ available to consumers on DVD beginning late January 2003 at Nissan dealers and online at Z.com. A two-minute trailer featuring some of the most exhilarating scenes from the film is currently playing on more than 5,500 screens at 450 theaters across the U.S. and is also available for viewing at Z.com.

    The film was produced by Nissan and directed by two-time Academy Award®- winner John Bruno (‘True Lies,’ ‘The Abyss’ and ‘Terminator 2’), and captures the star of the film, a 2003 350Z Track Model, being piloted by noted stuntman Jimmy Roberts on a six-and-a-half-minute run through the narrow, slick cobblestone streets of Prague in the Czech Republic at speeds of up to 123 mph. ‘The Run’ is a unique short-film that delivers only the pure, visceral experience of a Z slicing through the historic city and leaves out the dramatic storylines, over-the-top stunts and high-tech production techniques found in other corporate-sponsored films.

    ˜The Run’ is an adrenaline-filled example of Nissan’s commitment to reach consumers in a dramatic and memorable way,’ said Steve Wilhite, vice president of marketing at Nissan. ‘As a showcase for the Z in motion, ‘The Run’ complements various executions of the Z advertising launch campaign that features still photography exclusively. Just as important, the film demonstrates Nissan’s ability to build original products and market them in imaginative ways with an edgy flare.’

    Utilizing the DVD format, ‘The Run’ offers exciting bonus features including:

    • Special ‘Behind The Scenes’ footage features interviews with both the director and the stuntman;
    • ‘Z Watching’ celebrates the beauty of the Z sheet-metal against the backdrop of Prague;
    • ‘Z Tech’ provides viewers with details on Z’s performance characteristics;
    • The cutting-edge ‘Choose Your Own View’ feature allows viewers to become director and watch full-length, unedited runs from eight different camera angles.

    The second in a series of innovative marketing initiatives to support the return of the Z, ‘The Run’ follows Nissan’s unprecedented ‘Z Tour’ – a series of more than 20 impromptu, free concerts by top name entertainment artists across the U.S. this fall. Supported by viral marketing and word-of-mouth, the ‘Z Tour’ philosophy brought major acts like Pink, 311, Puddle of Mudd, Sheryl Crow and No Doubt, to unexpected places and carried the message that Nissan can deliver the unexpected.

    Nissan partnered with The Designory based in Long Beach, California and Creative Domain based in Hollywood, California to produce ‘The Run.’