Special Vehicle Concept Lincoln LS

Introduced: SEMA 1999
Status: Concept

Ford brought it's own concept Lincoln LS to the show, featuring several important upgrades and improvements which may point the way to future LS options. This is also Ford's first showing of a supercharged LS V-8 engine, although Ford's Jaguar Division already has a supercharged version of this engine in production.

It's styling is very restrained, yet fully functional.

This is again a concept car, built to gauge public reaction.

Functional Features

Interior Features

Exterior Features


Customization of the vehicle is achieved using components from a variety of equipment manufacturers:

Wheels HRE
Tires Pirelli
Exhaust Magna Flow / Grand Prix
Suspension Eibach
Powertrain development SVC / Eaton Supercharger
Interior trim Seat Crafters / Superior Dash
Electronic equipment Clarion  Nokia
Design execution SVC / Razzi
Custom builder SVC