Ford Mustang FR500



The intake is a standard FRPP intake, with a new cover plate to add a second intake path. There are no other changes to it.

Two 80MM MAFs are used, special wiring is provided to send the correct signal to the computer.

The conical air cleaners are extremely efficient.  

The right side air cleaner is fabricated from production.

The battery has been moved into the trunk.

Dual air cleaners & MAFs. Note that the MAFs have been canted upwards for better flow.
Right bank

Note detail of the shock tower. The strut tower is left as is, not modified in any way (other than drilling one additional hole). This ensures structural integrity is maintained.

Left bank

Note the 70MM throttle body.

Note the larger water pump pulley. This engine is designed to maintain high RPM on the track, so water flow through the engine is slowed to improve cooling.
Hood - underside.

The intake fits under the stock hood, a raised section is not necessary.