Ford Mustang FR500

Interior, Exterior

Front fender. Note the extended length - the wheelbase is approx. 5 inches longer than production. This requires new fenders to be provided.
Front wheels, with 14" Brembo rotors and much larger Brembo calipers.
Rear wheels. The car uses a standard off-the-shelf '99/00 IRS suspension (of course).

Rear brakes:

  • front Brembo rotors moved to the back.
  • Calipers are Lincoln LS (slightly larger piston than the Cobra brakes), with an aluminum adapter bar.
Front fender. The fenders are custom made for the FR500 - a requirement of the longer wheelbase. The show car uses carbon fiber for all the new pieces, although production parts will be fiberglass.

The wheels are for show only, these are not intended to be offered.

Very short overhang. The contours of the fenders are otherwise standard, including the size of the flares.

The front grill is designed to flow air into the oil cooler.


Note how the one-piece hood/grill differs from the white development cars.

Front, side.
Rear. The exhaust system is similar in layout to the standard 99/00 Cobra, modified with an additional outlet (styling only). Note the crossbrace in the truck for  for added rigidity.
A new side trim panel is used to closely align the side window shape to the side "scoop". Note the scoop itself has been removed. A lead FR500 engineer told me their motto is "no fake scoops".

The engineers like the clean side, and compared it to the '65 Mustang fastback.

The fake scoop in the side on 99 and 2000 models actually uses a hole cut thru the body - so this isn't something you can do yourself. The hole had to be filled in with metal for this car.

FR500 seat. This seat is a modified stock Cobra seat, with new bolstering.

A kit to modify '99/00 seats to this configuration is the only FR500 part appearing in the 2000 FRPP parts catalog.

The seats are very supportive, but are not up to Recaro capability.

The FR500 uses a harness bar to locate (not support) the racing harness.

This nice adapter plate was fabricated so that the bar doesn't effect the standard seatbelts.

This is the best harness guide bar I've seen because it doesn't interfere with the seatbelt. Somebody should build it!