Ford P2000 Program Concepts

The P2000 program is the codename for a research and development program. Several cars have been shown under the P2000 label, from a stretched Contour to more radical designs.

Alex Trotman (R), Chairman and CEO Ford Motor Company, and Jacques Nasser, President, Ford Automotive Operations, today revealed the P2000 environmental Car. The P2000 gets 63 miles per US gallon of gas, and is 40% lighter than today's average family-size vehicle.   
Ford P2000 concept.  
Concept body.
Another P2000 concept, computer rendering of design concept.
Ford's P2000 concept, weight reduction graphic.
Ford's P2000 concept, summary graphic
Ford's P2000 concept, materials graphic.


Ford Advances its P2000 Research Program with Hybrid, Fuel Cell and SUV Advances
P2000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Ford Motor Company is highlighting developments in its P2000 research program that will revolutionize transportation in the next millennium. P2000 was created to help Ford develop clean and fuel-efficient technologies for next-generation cars and trucks while maintaining today's safety, cost, performance and features.

Developments include:

  • The debut of an advanced hydrogen fuel cell P2000 sedan, a midsize family car. The fuel cell P2000 car is designed to achieve the performance of today's Ford Taurus, which goes from 0 to 60 mph in 12 seconds. The fuel cell stack, powered by Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells made by Ballard Power Systems, and electric drivetrain are targeted to achieve the equivalent of 90 horsepower.
  • The introduction of Ford's Low Storage Requirement (LSR) hybrid technology. The LSR hybrid electric P2000 will be less complex and lighter than hybrids other automakers have demonstrated. This LSR technology is featured in a dramatic new display showing the DIATA engine, a starter/alternator, an automatically shifted manual transmission and an advanced high-power battery.
  • The introduction of the Ford P2000 SUV concept, a sport utility vehicle with off-road functionality and truck toughness. Lightweight, with a clean, efficient powertrain, P2000 SUV has low rolling resistance tires and improved aerodynamics. This concept vehicle is also featured with a fuel cell buck utilizing a methanol reformer. The P2000 SUV represents one vision of the future.