Front suspension detail, showing coil-over shock.
Note that the display model was the Club Sport model, with the Bilstein shocks.
Front sway bar, closely coupled to the front upper A-arm.
Steering detail.

The lower part of the picture shows the alignment offset bolt. This is one of the major problems of the car - it allows for only approx. 1./2 degree of negative camber at most. When I drove the car on the autocross course, the lack of negative camber was very apparent.
Detail of sway bar end-link.
Not a good picture, but it shows the front hub. This looks to me like a hub taken form another product - one that makes provision for front wheel drive.
Swap bar detail. Note the stop on the bar (to the inside) - to keep it from moving. Nice attention to detail.
Comparison of the upper arms from the old Miata (left) and the new MX-5 (right).
The old car uses a stamped steel upper arm. The new car uses a cast aluminum arm. The new arm is both stronger and lighter than the old arm.
Comparison of lower arms. Different design here. Again, the new arm is aluminum - providing strength and lighter weight.
Detail of steering shaft. Note the very straight path - only 1 joint.  
Side view of engine and steering shaft.

Note the location of the oil filter.
Rear upper coil-over-shock mount.
Lower detail of suspension and coil-over-shock.
It was not clear to me where the camber adjustment was located, although it may be to the rear of the upper arm.
Another view, looking to the outside from above.