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2010 Taurus: What were they thinking?

by DrivingEnthusiast

Out on a long drive today, we came across this Taurus on I35 well north of Austin TX.

From a half-mile back, it looks oddly mis-shapen and tall. From up close it looks even worse. The chrome strip that ties the taillights together makes the rear end even boxier and taller in appearance (it’s MKS brother also looks like this, from too-small tail lamps) than it already is. The giant black bumpers that stick out from each side of the license plate recess look like something from the early 70s, when large blocks of rubber were added to many cars to meet the new 5 MPG crash standard.

And then as we passed the driver, an older women in her 60s, we noticed that she could hardly see thru the gun-slit windows. While the front end structure of the Taurus is designed to meet and exceed the latest crash standards, the tiny narrow windows and the ultra-tall door sill are certainly safety issues by themselves because they inhibit site-lines out of the car.  While this wasn’t a SHO model, the styling changes on the SHO don’t do anything to help these impressions.

Ford, this is not a “better idea”. In our humble opinion, the design and styling of the next Taurus should be left to the Europeans. As shown by the new Fiesta and the upcoming Focus, they have their act together.

Update: we spotted this close relative to the Taurus later in the same day:

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