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New Ranger-SHO engine swap project beginning on SHOForum.com

by DrivingEnthusiast

On the SHOForum.comsite, a reader has started a new project to transplant a SHO engine into a Ford Ranger. This is a popular project: several are running around the streets of North America and Ford started this trend many years ago by building it’s own SHO Ranger show car. The end result was a very balanced truck, unlike the 5 liter production prototype Ranger Ford later built and decided against producing (it’s fr/rr weight balance was so bad that the power of the engine couldn’t even be used, making the potential product useless if not dangerous).

You can follow the post here: http://www.shoforum.com/showthread.php?p=1170381 , and be sure to follow the link to the RangePowerSports.com forum for more details.

Be patient, these types of projects take months at a minimum and often years to complete. The project has just begun this month, so this is a good point to start following it.

Interested in engine swaps? Follow our engine swap category and subscribe to it’s RSS feed. We’re especially interested in SHO engine swaps and have numerous examples, including swaps into 240Zs, a Focus, a TR7, a Camaro (??!!) and a Lotus Esprit.

Images below are from their forum.

This is the engine as shipped, with the intake manifold removed for cleaning.

This is normally a transverse engine, the front cover to the right will end up in front. Note the fuel line at the lower right will end up pointing forward. The builder hasn’t gotten to this point yet, but the intake manifold will be rotated 180 degrees so that the throttle body faces forward.

Exhaust manifolds can be reused and are ideally sized. An alternative would be to fabricate tubular headers, but this is costly and requires special skills and a lot of hours.

Covers and intake after cleaning.

The 60k mile cam adjustment service will be performed first. Th is is after all a Yamaha engine, so this is a necessity.  Without it, the engine will start to grind off the tops of the valves and performance will suffer.

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