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A new direction for the Challenger: NASCAR

by DrivingEnthusiast

Disappointing… but an important publicity move for Chrysler and there will be a certain element who sees this as a plus for the Challenger.

The Challenger has comparatively just about zero press coverage when compared to the Camaro and the King-of-the-press-hill Mustang. Worse yet, the Challenger looses every single comparison against the Camaro and even the slower 2010 Mustang, much less the 2011 Mustang. There will be some news of a better V-6 in the next year (which will still be 25 horses down) and a larger V-8 for the SRT, but the car will still loose comparison tests. Challenger buyers will have to be attracted by what it is – which is image and sheer largeness. It’s hard to see where a new and smaller platform with less weight (or development funds) could come from. Bad news… just like the original Challenger. And too bad, it’s a great looking car.

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