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Limited Boss 302 production

by DrivingEnthusiast

Information from Ford on BOSS302 dealer allocation. Will there be enough to go around, and enough so that the dealers don’t mark these  up unreasonably?

Ford dealer notice follows:


The New Boss 302 is back after a 40 year hiatus. This no-nonsense enthusiast track car is built for the street with the race track as its lab. The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is set to become the best-handling Mustang ever offered by Ford.

This purpose built vehicle is available in two trims for a limited run –Boss 302 & Boss 302 “Laguna Seca” package featuring a 440 HP Hi-Po 302 V8 Engine.

Methods for Earning Allocation

All Ford dealers will have the opportunity to earn a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang. There are two methods for earning allocation:

1) Share of Nation

  • Approximately 75% of the 2012 Boss 302 production will be allocated to the Ford dealers as a Share of Nation
  • 12 months of sales (October ’09 – September ’10) will be used to determine dealers participating in the Share of Nation. A dealers opportunity to increase share of nation allocation or inclusion in the Top 75% is increased with each Mustang sold through the end of September
  • Each of the dealers participating in the Share of Nation is guaranteed at least one Boss 302

2) Lottery

  • Those Ford dealers not participating in the Share of Nation will be entered into a Lottery for the balance of the allocation
  • Each dealership participating in the Lottery will receive one chip (entry into the lottery) for being a dealer and one chip for each retail sale over the 12-month period (October ’09 – September ’10)
  • Those dealers with ZERO Mustang sales over the last 12-month period will each receive one chip in the lottery
  • No dealer will earn more then one Boss 302 through the lottery
    Note: The Laguna Seca Package will be allocated by a second lottery for all dealers earning a Boss 302 through Share of Nation or Lottery.

To help manager customer expectations for ordering the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang, all 2011 MY dealer production guides will be communicated in early October. Dealers will be given their full year guide numbers along with the quarter(s) their unit(s) will be scheduled. This will enable dealers to manage customer expectations regarding availability and timing.

Production is scheduled to begin in late January and will conclude in December 2011.

Since it’s unveiling on August 13th, the 2012 Boss Mustang has created a tremendous amount of excitement amongst our dealers and customers. It is our hope that this allocation strategy will support your efforts in providing customers with a clear understanding of this new and exciting best in class product.

Those dealers that sell 75% of the retail Mustangs will participate in the Share of Nation allocation (retail Mustang sales % of Nation) — through July, this is the Top 794 Mustang dealers.

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