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Old SHOs never die…

by DrivingEnthusiast

Here’s an example of a 1989 Taurus SHO that is now finding new life. It’s just received an entire exhaust system replacement: http://bullit.ditttos.com/sho/1989-ford-taurus-sho-with-new-exhaust 

The exhaust system of early V-6 SHOs (versus the current EcoBoost SHO) was tremendously restrictive, particularly because of very tight bends around the catcons and around the crossmember. In the early days of SHO fandom, it was found that as many as 30 horsepower was lost in the exhaust system. It’s well known that this engine was de-tuned for it’s role with the Taurus, versus the GN-34 sportscar it was designed for. It’s ultimate potential is something many owners have explored over the years, either with simply optimizing intake and exhaust flow, adding cubic inches, unnaturally aspirating the engine, or just transplanting it into a different platform – be it rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, classic sportscar, Japanese sportscar, or more recent supercars that had everything to offer except a “real” engine.

Old SHOs tend to survive and even thrive for many many years… either they are cared for and cherished, or the Taurus underneath the Yamaha SHO engine rusts out and the engine gets swapped into a more sporting platform. We’ve put many examples of both into our blogs and website because we owned and enjoyed both an original 1st-gen 1989 SHO as well as a 3rd-gen.

Sometimes, though, in an act akin to taking your loyal old dog out and beating him in public for fun, some idiots trash them in silly and unprofessional “LeMons” races.  That’s a shameful end to a great car.

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