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Falling Down: SHO engine swap into Geo Metro

by DrivingEnthusiast

When your usefulness to society has ended… when you’ve lost everything in life but your soul, this is the fate which befalls you. You find yourself transplanted into the rear end of a lowly Geo Metro, a rolling hell, the next worse thing on the planet to a Citroen 2CV or a VW bug.

Mind you, this is not a proper swap, such as the SHO engine swap into the Korean-made Ford Fiesta known as the “SHOgun”. No, this is a hack job, built solely to trash in the silly and unprofessional race series known as the LeMons (a bastardized redneck rip-off of the most famous race in the world). A short but violent life in the twilight, a rolling zombie, you bleed your guts out, and you end up in the trash heap you wished you’d gone to with your original body.

Meet the Geo Metro with SHO engine swap. Consider this: would the SCCA ever sanction such a hackjob? Of course not: in professional SCCA racing, safety stewards would ensure this never made it off the trailer. And that’s our problem with this ridiculous series. That and the fact that a good SHO engine should have found a home in any number of better places.

More information: http://murileemartin.com/wordpress/?p=382

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