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SHO/Ranger engine swap – will this one get completed?

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s a sad fact of engine swap projects that many of them never actually get completed… owners start projects with the best intentions but get stuck in technical issues, run out of money, run out of time, or get pestered by their significant others to clean out the garage ;-)

The following swap of a Taurus SHO engine into a Ranger would be popular if more people had completed it. Ford started the trend by showing a SHO-powered Ranger concept car, but never followed up with a production model. It was part of a Ford plan to leverage it’s SHO engine into multiple vehicles. Even their lowly Windstar minivan was shown with a SHO engine as the “SHOstar“.

Enter the Ranger Powersports site, dedicated to all things Ford Ranger. Inside the forums is this gem, a SHO engine swap under way: http://www.rangerpowersports.com/forum/showthread.php/262954-Is-this-still-considered-3.0-V6-Tech. The engine is purchased and being prepared, a SHO dash gauges set is being reworked, and details are being handled. Forum members are hoping that this project gets completed, as apparently several others like it did not.

Follow the forum as the project continues over the next few months. With some luck the owner will provide some video and results of his first test drive.

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