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Classic Top Gear: Tiff Needell introduces the Toyota Supra TT

by DrivingEnthusiast

Back in the very early days of Top Gear, before the rise of Jeremy Clarkson, Tiff Needell was the host of Top Gear for 14 years, starting in 1987. It was a very different universe in those days from the one we have now: the planets actually circled the sun instead of Clarkson. Most readers probably know Tiff as the host of Fifth Gear, along with co-presenters Jason Plato, Jonny Smith, and Vicki Butler-Henderson (an accomplished driver, as well as an S2000 owner).  The show is currently in a 1/2 hour format, and there are two series per calendar year.

We won’t mention Ben Collins, except to say he is so g*dawful bad that he needs to be shown the exit as soon as possible. With no speaking skills, questionable driving skills, total lack of ethics, and certainly no personality whatsoever, why he was hired remains a mystery to viewers worldwide. He’d certainly fit right in with the American Top Gear cast ;-)

But step back in time to the pre-Clarkson Top Gear. The 320 HP Supra TT was new at the time of this recording. Supra enthusiasts will note the European-spec car, with the hood scoop for cooling the turbos and electrically adjustable front spoiler.

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