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Top Gear America Must Die

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s a sad observation on our society that so many people settle for less. Too many settle for Mustangs with ox-cart suspensions, leaf-spring Corvettes, “careers” behind the counter at Starbucks, a President with no qualifications, a “bridge to nowhere”, speedtraps financing community budgets, giant pickup trucks with no driving dynamics whatsoever, and driving while texting. Cameras take our picture and mail us tickets instead of officers executing the due process of law. Marketing and bobble-head handouts instead of substance and experience. It extends into every-day society: we accept band-aids for our issues, instead of finding fixes. Liberals blame shootings on partisan politics instead looking more closely at failed educational and lax legal systems – then sit back while their ideologue President takes advantage of the tragedy to increase his standing in the polls. It’s more about appearances, instead of function. Pride of image rather than of personal and professional accomplishments. People turn inwards, instead of outwards. We fall into isolationism and appeasement, instead of action. “Exit strategy” instead of “finish the mission”.

Why do we put up with this? Every bit of it is counter to what our car hobby is all about.

This hobby started by asking ourselves “can it be made better?”. It accelerated in the 50s, when the country was all about methodically making it better – *not* settling for less. We went from prop-driven planes to jet fighters and Mach 3 spy planes. We went from the first short-range ballistic missile to the foundations of the moon rocket program. Car manufacturers “drove” the first disc brakes and DOHC engines into production and tested them on racetracks around the world. That’s what we’re all about: we look at something and we immediately start thinking about how to make it better.


Top Gear America, however, epitomizes the opposite point of view. It’s about sitting back in the barcalounger, getting fatter, and finding cheap amusement in imbecile stunts. Only one of the hosts has actual driving credentials, but he has no personality. Another presenter represents the worst of America: fat, slovenly, a slacker. And the last purposefully appears mentally deficient and makes a career out of that image. This is the worst possible face to put out to the world.

None of us are in a position to “fix” this show… except that we don’t have to support it. Very simple: don’t watch it – that’ll get it canceled. And it might just get us one step closer to getting the original Top Gear shown in America, on time instead of a year later.

So let’s try harder, set the bar higher, raise the standards. Join the “Top Gear America Must Die” Facebook group by voting “LIKE”.

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