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New project: SHO intake manifold display

by DrivingEnthusiast

As we’ve said in many posts before, old Taurus SHO engines never die – they get transplanted into something else and start their second life. Our engine swap catagory is full of such examples.

But eventually they do finally die… and what then? Here is one such example. The owner put the most unique part of the engine – the intake manifold, on eBay, and from there it wound it’s way to our workshop for only 50 bucks. It was too good to pass up – and since we were an original owner of a Generation 1 Taurus SHO many years ago, we could hardly miss out on getting a surviving example of what is probably the wildest production manifold in existance into our hands again.

We envision making some sort of hanging wall display out of it… as only a true Ford nutcase would. And before you ask, when it’s complete it won’t be going into our living room or our den… it will go into the garage. We do have to maintain some level of standards around here…

The seller provided all the parts, so it’s a matter of cleanup, assembly, and mounting. His attempt at polishing the manifold didn’t work out… but we had planned on cleaning it all up and repainting it anyway. So our first step will be to find the best way to clean aluminum, then we need to find the correct and original color paint.

And if any readers have any suggestions to help, we’d appreciate it.

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