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FT-86 Club first with the new FT-86 II concept images

by DrivingEnthusiast

Be sure to stop by to the FT86club.com site for a complete set of images of the new Toyota FT-86 II concept being revealed at the Geneva show.

The  concept is an update of the original FT-86 concept from 2009, clearly closer to production but still a concept. The wheels/tires/brakes are much larger as you’d expect on a concept, as are the carbon fiber details (front lips under the spoiler, side skirts). Those clearly won’t make it into production. The side vents just before the doors look tacked-on and are doubtful for production, as they should be. The concept’s 215/40-18 tires are a possibility, but as with all concepts the intent is to  look intended to fill the wheel wells.  

New is the side vent window, roof water channel, and detailing around the windows and doors that were”t present on the earlier concept. This tells us that we are seeing the production bodyshell. And, thanks to partner Subaru, we know the FT-86 II has a strut front suspension and a multi-link independent rear. The engine is a Subaru boxer 4 cylinder, resulting in an extremely low center of gravity.

We also can’t see the interior on the images the FT-86 Club has provided, other than the very top of what is clearly a new dashboard. Fortunately it’s only a matter of time until somebody gets close enough with a camera to grab the shots.

The FT-86 is a masterpiece in the making. The big questions now are the final specifications and production date. And if Toyota will offer “enough” power in an optional engine – power to match the promise of the chassis. And will North America be stuck with this as a Scion, rather than as a Toyota? We think the idea of naming this a Scion is just plain stupid but it appears to be the direction. How about dropping the Scion brand and going with a “One Toyota” approach? Why dilute the brand in North America?

Subaru also presented a concept, of sorts, at Geneva in the form of a clear-bodied version of it’s FT-86. And again the FT86club.com site has detailed images. Images from different angles are available, the suspension layout and engine are very clearly detailed. We know the engine is a flat boxer, updated with direct injection, and uses a suspension derived from Subaru production parts and shared with the Toyota version. What’s even more clear now is the phenomenally low center of gravity this chassis offers. It’s unprecedented, and there is nothing like it elsewhere in the world. The Subaru “concept” is also rear wheel drive, although AWD is referenced int he accompanying press materials. But that is where the story becomes less clear – whether Subaru is discussing their own credentials, or talking about some sort of future AWD version of this car. We do know form spy pictures that a turbocharged engine is coming, and if it’s like the ones available in other Subarus, then 300 HP would be easily achieved. It’s great to see that the chassis is up tot he task, too.

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