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More FT-86 news from Toyota

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Press Release
March 1, 2011

‘FT-86 II concept’ Unveiled at 2011 Geneva Show

Geneva, Switzerland, March 1, 2011—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today unveiled the “FT-86 II concept” at the 81st Geneva International Motor Show here.  The vehicle will be on display for the press until March 2 and for the public from March 3 to 13.

The FT-86 (future Toyota 86) II concept is a new-generation, rear-wheel-drive sports concept vehicle being jointly developed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (Subaru) and TMC, who share a common passion for manufacturing cars.  The two companies are combining their core technologies with the aim of creating the world’s only sports car with a compact, rear-wheel drive layout and horizontally opposed engine, that embodies the joy of driving and the pleasure of ownership—the fundamental appeal of motor vehicles.

Furthermore, the production model based on the FT-86 II concept is scheduled to make its world premier at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

FT-86 II concept Vehicle Outline

The vehicle is currently the world’s only rear-wheel-drive sports car equipped with a horizontally opposed engine (concept vehicle), and features a combination of core rear-wheel-drive sports car technologies TMC has developed and horizontally opposed engine and other technologies that Subaru is renowned for.

Features such as an original platform, epoch-making low center of gravity and a lightweight, compact body give drivers a new dimension of driving to enjoy.  In addition, the exterior design is streamlined to improve vehicle’s aerodynamics characteristics and appeals to the senses.

With an eye toward commercialization, TMC plans to fine-tune production model prototypes through test-drives on roads throughout the world.

F-86 II concept Main Specifications
4,235 mm  (166.7″)
1,795 mm  (70.6″)
1,270 mm  (50″)
2,570 mm  (101.2″)
Four-cylinder horizontally opposed DOHC engine

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