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Hot wet laps in an IS-F at Shenandoah

by DrivingEnthusiast

One of our favorite cars, the Lexus IS-F (’10 and up, of course, with the improved suspension and LSD), giving rides at Shenandoah during a TrackDaze HPDE school.

Interesting that they allow their Yellow group to pass anywhere. Most groups don’t allow that, except for Instructors.

We’ve never run on Shenandoah ourselves, so we watched with interest. Looks fun, and technical. And how about that Karussell-like turn, as in the Nurburgring?

Note how bad the weather is: the rain gets worse and worse as the session proceeds. As an instructor ourselves, we’re always advising that students don’t pack it in and go home when the going gets wet – indeed, this is exactly the type of experience you want. The line changes, obviously traction is significantly different, visibility is reduced – almost to nothing in this case. It reminds me of my first rain event, which unfortunately came 5 years after I started doing HPDE events. Despite dozens of weekends spent on that specific track, this event resulted in a gigantic off-track slide thru the mud just before the event was called for visibility. It was purely lack of wet-weather experience on my part.

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