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Loser? Next Miata to shed several hundred pounds

by DrivingEnthusiast

How little is too little? Would you be interested in a Miata that weighs 720 pounds less than the current car?

That means a 1760 pound Miata, with a micro motor to match.

Read more: http://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1061251_biggest-loser-mazda-wants-next-miata-to-shed-720-pounds.

The first gen Miata (NA), built to very different safety standards than we have today, weighed in at approximate 2200 pounds.

The current Miata (NC) is larger, but also meets or exceeds the current safety standards and has considerably improved structural integrity that pays off in both safety and chassis dynamics.

Extensive engineering design work was performed to ensure the new NC Miata would be as light as possible. We have cut-away images from the Mazda press preview showing the bare body from different perspectives to illustrate this. Look at the underside of the aluminum hood, for example. The dimpling and stamped holes save considerable weight.

So it’s very hard to believe that significant weight could be taken out of this car without also reducing it’s size prohibitively.

We’ll have to say, as a 6′ tall current Miata owner, that this is going too far.

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