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Follow NHTSA complaints on the 2011-2012 Mustang MT82 design issues

by DrivingEnthusiast

Here are links to the NHTSA reports filed over the MT82 problems:

2011 Ford Mustang Powertrain Problems

2012 Ford Mustang Powertrain Problems

Follow the complete story on AllFordMustangs.com here:  http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/2011-mustang-talk/268693-official-2011-mustang-manual-transmission-rough-shifting-thread-329.html (if you have the patience, go back to the first post and follow the bad news along from the start. The number of posts is approaching 5000!). Ford, of course, has said nothing and continues to stay silent on the topic. Meanwhile, more transmissions are breaking, and it appears to be futile to replace them since they just break again after a couple of thousand miles. Dealers are either helpless, or telling customers they drive too aggressively and have caused their own problems.

There is also some disturbing news about the sheer number of used manual-transmission 2011 Mustangs sitting on used cars lots – a very large proportion (compared to Camaros and similar cars) suggests that very large numbers of broken 2011s have been traded in or lemoned.

This is the current Tremac (made in Mexico, and used on the GT500 currently) TR6060 transmission (an evolution of the T-56) compared to the Getrag MT82 on the bottom. Two things are immediately obvious, and being speculated upon on the internet: the lack of ribbing in the case suggests the case is very week, and the external shifter which can be misaligned and may be causing gear alignment issues internally.

But the problem is far more than that. In addition to clutch issues with bolts and pins breaking, gear teeth are breaking inside the transmission and a large magnet in the bottom of the case is usually covered in metal bits. Transmissions either shift with considerable grinding, or don’t shift at all. These images show a recent teardown:

An early symptom is considerable whining. These two videos show the issues as they occur:


What will Ford do about this problem? That’s the big question, and the answer is to date absolutely nothing public. To those of us who have been thru this before (in our case with four SVT Cobras in a row, the last one blowing it’s engine due to leftover casting sand in the block – finally discovered by the dealer but only after an enormous amount of frustration on our part), this is all very very familiar. Too familiar…. for us we won’t go near a new Mustang under these circumstances.

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