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Keeping up with Austin F1 on Facebook

by DrivingEnthusiast

Given all the confusion over the weekend over the Red Bull F1 car appearance and events, where the filming on Austin city streets was on, then off, then on again (but spectators were not officially allowed and found ways to show up anyway), it was tough to know what was actually happening and especially what was changing.

The only way to keep track of what is happening is thru numerous Facebook pages that are maintained by local enthusiasts. Here are the ones we’re aware of:

  • Austin F1 Club
  • Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas
  • The Austin Grand Prix
  • Formula 1 Austin
  • F1 Austin
  • Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill  <– the “hang-out” of F1 fans locally
  • Friends of Circuit of the Americas
  • Circuit of The Americas

“Like” the pages and then aggregate the information.

This is also a great way for fans out of the area or out of the country to keep track of the progress of the track.

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