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The Red Bull escapes! (F1 video!)

by DrivingEnthusiast

Red Bull has released the video they shot in the Austin area in August, including parts filmed downtown, on a ranch south of Austin, along route 812 in Speed City, and on the Circuit of the Americas track itself. The video begins with the “red bull” escaping from a barn chased by cowboys on horseback.

The scenes of the track under construction is particularly interesting: the track itself has been dug out 6 to 8 feet below ground in preparation for laying the multiple layers of base and paving. It shows the extent to which the builders go to provide a perfect surface for racing.

And consider the cost of making this video: not only the time and materials, but the wear and tear on the car and on its engine. This is clearly a labor of love by Red Bull, David Coultard, and everyone concerned. And it’s just the first taste of what we’ll see from the return of F1 to North America.

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