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Is this the 2015 Mustang? /not!

by DrivingEnthusiast

2015 Mustang mania has befallen the press…tons of speculation, not a single fact (except an EcoBoost 4 as the base engine), and now a PhotoChop.

Here’s the ‘chop making the rounds this week under the headline “Future Vehicles: 2015 Mustang“.

We’ve already seen discussions in various forums where some people are saying this is a photo, and some are even planning to start saving their money!

But guess what, this is a photochop. Of the following image from Ford’s press group of the Evos Concept:

Notice anything funny here? This Ford-supplied picture was taken at the exact same angle, and shows the same front fender, rear fenderwell, “hip”, and roof. Same windshield (even the concept windshield passing up and over the roof). It’s simply the Evos front end pasted over a stock picture of the current Mustang. Worse yet, the front overhang is clearly from a front-wheel drive car (and the next Mustang will lose length and weight, not gain it). So if somebody is going to claim this is the 2015 Mustang, they need to hire a better illustrator.

When will we see the 2015 Mustang? Well, that depends on whether or not the 2015 Mustang is based on the current platform or a different platform. If the current, then test cars with the current body could be out on the streets of Dearborn now. If some new platform, which seems unlikely given Ford’s financial condition, then we should see the first hacked together mule very late this year, with covered prototypes next summer.


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