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Indy 500 versus Monaco Grand Prix F1 events today

by DrivingEnthusiast

Awesome day! After several hours spent watching both the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix F1 events live, we have an observation. Well, two. First, we should be outdoors in the sun and fresh air. Except that this is the top raceday of the year!

But second, we enjoyed the Indy 500 a lot more than the F1 race. That will be controversial to some F1 die-hards, of which we consider ourselves a member. But the bottom line is that the Indy 500 coverage is far better, with better camera angles, better background stories, better interviews, and plenty of human interest coverage for fans both before and during the event. And there was plenty of passing – what racing is all about. 35 leads changes by 10 drivers!

Furthermore, the drivers are far more approachable than F1 drivers are. We get to know them better, in interviews we get to see their faces: smile or frown, admit their past failures (such as the Tony Kanaan interview), discuss their hopes, and see their families – of which there are far less blond bimbos. These are by and large real people – and isn’t that exactly why so many of us like Rubens Barrichello?

These are all the types of things we don’t see in F1.

And then there was the tribute to Dan Wheldon. Beautiful.

We’ll admit that we don’t find oval racing particularly interesting – but this is Indianapolis and we feel a great sense of the shear speed involved with plenty of in-car cameras. We’d be happier to see the IndyCar spend most of their time on road courses, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be their direction. And we’d be especially happy to see them come to the Circuit of the Americas… but unfortunately their next new location will be a street race in Houston. Few people will find Houston awesome.


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