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Toyota hosts the Fuji 86 Style event at Fuji Speedway

by DrivingEnthusiast

It’s great being a JDM enthusiast outside of Japan… but it’s also frustrating when a terrific event is held inside Japan that you wish you’d been able to attend. Such is the case with the Fuji 86 Style event held by Toyota at Fuji Speedway on August 5, 2012 for owners of the new 86, attracting hundreds of enthusiasts and owners from across the country.

Owners and aftermarket tuners brought their own 86s and participated in performance driving lessons, wet slalom trial, car show, gymkhana, track lapping, and a Q&A with Keiichi Tsuchiya and aftermarket tuning specialists. Honored guests included members of the Toyota 86 development team and Toyota officials.

According to Toyota, these are the attributes of the 86:

  • enflaming the car lover’s heart
  • with passion
  • achieving an even lower center of gravity
  • integrating man and machine
  • the owner as the main player
  • enjoyment that can be felt
  • driving balance
  • delivering excitement through the steering wheel
  • a sense of ultimate value
  • sports car developed by every owner
  • the joy of a FR sports car (Front engine Rear drive)
  • the fruit of enduring passion
  • in pursuit of driving enjoyment

As exhibited in the event, the 86 is imbued with excitement and passion and is made even better with modifications. The videos show off several dozen 86s at Fuji, and modifications abound. Toyota has provided highlights of the event, joining the ongoing series of series of 11 Touge videos.




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