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BMW 335i owner story

by DrivingEnthusiast

In the Car Lounge website forum, owner visillalov recounts his experiences with his BMW 335i. Besides a thorough review by the owner, it’s a worthwhile read because of his experiences modifying his car, autocrossing and tracking it, then wrecking it on track and rebuilding it. Very unusually for an internet writer, he admits that his crash on the track was the result of his lack of experience.

But he doesn’t give up – he rebuilt the car to even better specifications.

He doesn’t specifically mention it, but he has added an oil cooler. In our experience, that’s an absolute must for any 335i owners who plan on tracking their car, and the bigger the better. But the worst part of the 335i is the lack of a limited slip differential. Unbelievably, it’s an open differential. We agree with him that it’s simply incredulous that BMW can’t put a limited slip differential in any of its products – except the M cars. And if you look up the factory prices for a differential, you’ll find that you will need to spend thousands of dollars. Does that make the 335i a bad car? Not necessarily… as the owners car has responded very well to bolt-ons and a tune by Cobb. We’ve seen some examples of 335is Cobb-tunes, including one on the dyno a few weeks ago, so we followed this story with great interest.

Selected images below, read the full story at the link above for an extensive set of images.

Without modifications, a clean 335i without sunroof or nav.

Downpipes – without precats – for the twin-turbo N54 engine.

Replacement exhaust

Fully repaired and with new front cap and wheels.


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