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What is Lincoln up to? Big announcement coming December 3rd…?

by DrivingEnthusiast

What an interesting video Lincoln has posted… announcing that some big news will be released on December 3rd.

Might it be a new model… but what? Rumors have been flying for weeks and weeks… something we just wrote about yesterday. Might it be yet another variant of the Volvo-derived chassis (aka the grotesquely overweight MKS and MKT), the Fusion chassis (as in the new MKZ – interesting but not for a driving enthusiast), the new Focus chassis (can Lincoln sell a C-sized car?), or something else entirely?

Or might it simply be a publicity re-launch of Lincoln as a brand? And CBS news today published this article… which looks like the kind of advanced publicity a company would arrange before making a big announcement.

Analyzing the following video, we find something intriguing: there is a 4-door body shell behind the drummer. This doesn’t appear to be an existing Lincoln…?

And even more intriguingly, there is also a Mustang shell.

And what’s with the welding? Could they be carving up a Mustang to make it into a new Lincoln? Could such a rear wheel drive Lincoln based on the upcoming 2015 Mustang? That’s been one rumor that has been going around… it’s almost too good to be true. It would use the 2015 Mustang IRS (about which Ford has been particularly happy to have pictures leaked to the public). And is Lincoln finally ready to understand that they made a huge mistake cancelling the Lincoln LS?

Whatever it is, it has to compete with the phenomenal new Cadillac ATS, or the all-new CTS coming next year.  Those cars have been successes beyond anything Lincoln has been able to accomplish in many years.

Watch the video, and keep an eye on this site on Monday the 3rd. Whatever it is, for driving enthusiasts or not, we’ll cover it.



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