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Spotted on the Road: BMW 633 CSi

by DrivingEnthusiast

We spotted this clean (and nicely detailed) BMW 633 CSi at Carmax today and immediately pulled into their lot to grab a photo. No, unfortunately, Carmax isn’t getting into the classic used car business, although technically they could have taken it in trade.

We’ve had a long-term desire for a nice BMW 633 or 635 CSi, but never got around to owning one. But we do have some history with the 633 CSi: a friend’s father owned one and always bragged about how superior it was. Nevermind the ridiculously over-steering rear suspension (typical cheap BMW trailing arm) or the not-outstanding 8.4 second 0-60 time. He bragged that his “superior German” car would never rust like the “cheap” Mustang I had at the time. Well, by the end of the winter, he had a rust hole straight thru the side of the door, looking like a large-caliber gunshot wound, while I didn’t have any rust at all. This was our first experience with snobby German car owners (and Germans who own German cars), and it was certainly not our last. While we had the last laugh, that superior attitude certainly takes away from the hobby.

BMW 633 CSi at Carmax

The BMW 6 series coupe, designated CSi and code-named E24, replaced the equally beautiful CS and CSL coupes, and was built from 1976 thru 1989. Powered by the classic BMW inline 6 cylinder from 2.8 liters thru 3.5 liters in displacement, and equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, the car was an enthusiasts driver and offered reasonable (for the time) acceleration (16.8 quarter mile and 0-60 in 8.4 seconds). And the styling was roughed out by none other than Bob Lutz. See this Road & Track roadtest for complete coverage of the then-new 633 CSi: http://www.hot.ee/bmw6series/2a.htm.

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