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Rush – Featurette: “OTS: The Sexy 70s”

by DrivingEnthusiast

rush-sexy-70sThis new preview video starts with the complicated proposition that the 70s was “a time when sex was safe and driving was dangerous”.

Huh? Well, the legends of the early days of Formula 1, combined with the swinging days of the sexual revolution (before reality set in), yields a unique combination that can either be a soap opera or the greatest racing film ever made.  We won’t know for sure until the North American premier on September 27th, but we have a feeling that it is the latter more than the former. Remember that the soap opera put a damper on “Grand Prix”, which was otherwise the greatest racing film ever made, and is very likely to hold on to that title.

Enjoy the video, part of our continuing coverage of all things Rush. And we’ll see you at the theater on the 27th!


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