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Car and Driver presents it’s take on the 2015 Mustang

by DrivingEnthusiast

car-and-driver-dec-2013Very nice illustration from cover the December 2013 issue. And a very nice article inside.

But some of the facts are lacking, since C&D missed some of the discussion over the past few months while their article went to press. That’s the disadvantage of printed magazines… the lead time is very long.

If you do an analysis of the spy photos of the prototypes running around town, you can determine the actual length. And if you study the picture of the mules, particularly the engine compartment, you can see that the front track will be all but identical. And the pictures of the IRS in the current car show us the rear track will be slightly wider. So while a bit of length was lost in the back, the wheelbase is identical, and the car is very slightly wider in the back.

And if you look at the picture of the engine compartment of the mule, and the more recent pictures of the mule on the flatbed, you can see that the S550 is just an evolved S197. All the hard points are identical. See this for all the details of the above, including our preliminary view of the full specifications in a spreadsheet we created earlier this year.

The bigger question is how this will compare against the Alpha-based 2016 Camaro, and that’s potentially bad news for Ford. Alpha provides the potential to come down significantly in weight, where it would match the Mustang or beat it in weight. Add in their 2 liter boosted 4, the existing V-6, the new LT1, and the other upcoming engines from the C7 (including the 7-speed), and you have a very nice package there. The competition will be much tougher than before.

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