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Followup: Race-only Toyota TRD supercharger for Scion FR-S: $26,000

by DrivingEnthusiast

As follow-up to our original post below, and with very high interest in this kit, we’ve been looking for examples of race teams actually using it. As well as any notification that these kits night be built at a more reasonable price point.

Well, we have an example of the first part… but not the second. The kits are still just too expensive. And the videos below might seem to suggest that the superchargers at the heart of this are hand-assembled using special components. That could explain part of the cost. But we still believe that TRD should release these (along with a matching tune) for street cars. Certainly that has to be the plan at some point in order to defray the cost of casting the beautiful aluminum intake and housing.

And eat your heart out. After seeing how this system performs, we’re even more determined to find out why this system isn’t being offered to “the rest of us” by TRD! Let’s go, TRD!
============================================== from March 23, 2013:
TRD has finally released a supercharger kit for the FR-S. Cost: $26,000, without tuning or electronics, and a minimum order of 2. Enthusiasts would be outraged, except this part is intended solely for Pirelli World Challenge race teams. Like the Continental Tire Challenge series, what you see racing on the track is not necessarily related to what you can buy. In fact, this supercharger is necessary for the FR-S to keep up with the other cars in the class.

It’s a nice kit, fits under the stock hood, and is obviously engineered well. We can only hope that TRD continues development, provides a tuning package and an emissions certification, and – most especially – gets the price down to the 6-7 thousand mark. It’d be hard to believe this isn’t the plan, but under the current circumstances this kit is expensive to produce due to ultra low volume production and start-up casting and engineering costs.


Toyota Press Release Follows:

March 1, 2013

To: Toyota Parts, Sales and Service Managers SUBJECT: Pirelli World Challenge/Scion Racing Parts Inquiries – FR-S Supercharger

As part of Scion and Toyota Racing Development’s participation in the Pirelli World Challenge series, regulations require Scion to provide parts information through Scion dealership Parts Departments. The requirement is meant to support Pirelli World Challenge race teams that have an interest in racing Scion products. An FR-S Supercharger has been developed by TRD for racing use only. The kit is set up for race teams only, and is not intended/legal for street use. The kit includes only the housing, manifold, rotor group, intercooler cores and low temp radiator. Any mounting/fitment details are the responsibility of the team purchasing the kit. Also, engine management software is the sole responsibility of the team.

Part Number Cost Minimum Order Quantity PTR29-00086 $26,000/Kit 2 Kits Order lead time on the kits is approximately 7 – 9 weeks.

Please note: there is no requirement or expectation that the Parts Department will stock Pirelli World Challenge racing parts. If an inquiry is received regarding this supercharger kit, please have the interested party call 1-888-551-2929, option 2.

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