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2015 Mustang: GT Interior

by DrivingEnthusiast

We’ll have a full analysis of all the latest 2015 Mustang news from Ford later this weekend. Meanwhile we’re at the Press Launch event and later today we’ll have our detailed notes from that.

The Mustang interior has taken a major step forward in design and ergonomics. And there are some differences depending on which option is selected. The EcoBoost interior offers an oil pressure and boost gauge in the center stack in place of one of the air vents, with silver trim. The GT offers either three air vents in the center, as shown below, or two vents and an oil pressure and vacuum gauge.

The following pictures are of the GT, with optional full Sync system, navigation, and heated/cooled seats.

2015-mustang-gt-interior (1)

Note the 50th Anniversary badge on the right side cowl facing.
2015-mustang-gt-interior (2)

It’s very clear that optional electronics will be a major differentiator for the 2015 Mustang.
2015-mustang-gt-interior (3)

The center console has been totally redesigned. There is now an actual pad over the storage box. The cup holders have been moved to one side that so that they no longer interfere with shifting.
2015-mustang-gt-interior (4)

Three air vents in the center panel for the Mustang GT, with only 2 for the EcoBoost model (along with 2 added gauges: oil pressure and boost).
2015-mustang-gt-interior (5)
2015-mustang-gt-interior (6)

The transmission is the same MT82 that has been with us since 2011, however it’s linkage has been updated. No word on any internal updates or torque rating.
2015-mustang-gt-interior (7)

Note the heated and cooled seats option.
2015-mustang-gt-interior (8)
2015-mustang-gt-interior (9)


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