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Updated 2015 370Z Nismo to be introduced Friday

by DrivingEnthusiast

Nissan has released a teaser showing the updated Nismo Z that will be introduced tomorrow, Friday, at the ZDAYZ event in Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina. At this early point there is only the teaser and no specs. In the supplied image below, the Nismo is showing a new Nismo specific front nose car.

What’s humorous, or sad, is that some in the press are saying that this is the quote “New Z”. Suggesting something all-new, when it’s clearly just an updated model. A new Z is a ways off, although we’ve seen its silhouette thanks to a visit by Jay Leno to the Nissan design studio in Japan. So if you want to see a truly new Z, look there and you’ll find a very very different silhouette from the current car. Enough to make us think that Nissan’s new platform underpinning the upcoming production version of the IDX may also be providing platform pieces to the future Z… as did the original Datsun 510 to the 240Z. But that’s just a wild guess, and we don’t have enough factual information yet to speculate what platform the next Z will use.

Back to the image: it would appear that the “fangs” are gone for good, the LED running lights are now present (as the normal Z got them a year ago), and some aerodynamic ducting is present to shuffle air past the outside of the front tires.


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