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2016 Mazda MX-5 (Miata) announced

by DrivingEnthusiast

Mazda announced the 2016 MX-5 tonight in simultaneous worldwide events, and provided 10 images (below). But no technical details whatsoever, other than that is has a “SKYACTIV” engine. But no displacement. The only other fact revealed is a weight loss off 220 pounds, which will take the base weight down to approximately 2260 pounds. Note the 4-bolt wheels… a couple of grams were saved there.

The fact that it is a 2016 suggests a production date of next spring at the earliest, although again nothing was announced.

The styling is entirely different from any Miata that came before. A very radical change, and an all-new chassis as well. It’s controversial to a degree.. .we’re undecided. At first we thought we liked it from a high angle, where it showed a considerable degree of motion across its front fenders and hips. But then lower… well, the jury is out. The headlights look almost too low, and the sunken backup lights serve no purpose. The low nose and sharp rise to the hood serve pedestrian crash standards.

But this is a car about driving, and hopefully this 4th generation “Miata” (a name which wasn’t used at all tonight… it may finally be dead) will have a lively engine (instead of a so very slightly warmed over Ford Focus engine) and world-class handling (instead of terrible body roll). The seats look better bolstered than before – which is much-needed, especially against the flat seats of the 3rd generation car (and we own one, so we can say that). The nav screen is much appreciated (apparent lifted from the Mazda3), and the very low belt-line is also appreciated. We’d guess that the car shown was a loaded “Grand Touring” model. With that said, we’ll probably have to wait a number of months for more details, and until sometime in 2015 to get the power figures and first performance tests.

2016 MX-5  (7)
2016 MX-5  (4)
2016 MX-5  (3)
2016 MX-5  (5)
2016 MX-5  (6)

2016 MX-5  (8)
2016 MX-5  (9)
2016 MX-5  (10)
2016 MX-5  (1)
2016 MX-5  (2)

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