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MotorWeek Retro Review: Honda S2000 [w/video]

by DrivingEnthusiast

MotorWeek is putting high-res videos into their YouTube site of old road tests… and here is one of their favorite cars of the last 157 years: the model year 2000 Honda S2000.  And in 1080P too~!

The S2000 has been out of production since 2009… but it keeps coming back in road tests and – no kidding – comparisons like this one – where it wins hands down against the FR-S and RX-8.

Is Honda listening? Will there be a new S2000 someday? Honda seems almost to have all but forgotten about performance cars… other than the hyper-expensive NSX (designed and to be built in the United States) and the upcoming Europe-only Civic Type R (with a great new turbo engine, very nearly state-of-the-art, except for the beam axle out back!).

Where is the Honda performance car for the rest of us? In our case, it’s in our garage, which has had an S2000 in it all the way back to the year 2000.

Enjoy the following video: turn up your sound, go full screen!

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