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2015.01.04 – Leander TX car show [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

A cold and windy day here in Central Texas. Bright, but with typical winter shadows from the low sun. A bad day for photography. But the monthly Leander car show went forward anyway, with about a hundred attendees braving the cold to see the roughly 30 cars that made it here.

Our favorite cars this month? First, a 1980 or 1981 Pontiac Firebird Turbo Trans Am. Not a successful Trans Am at all, but a very rare one. We’ve got a special place in our heart for these second-gen Trans Ams, always wanted one, and probably will never have one.  But they are handsome cars, and the styling always draws our eyes.

Speaking of Pontiacs, this earlier GTO also attracted our attention. It’s got the engine that the Turbo Trans Am doesn’t have, but it doesn’t have the handling of the Trans Am. want something with both? Go back to the first year of this gen Firebird and you can have it all. Chassis by GM, engine by Pontiac, transmission by Muncie, and handling by Herb Adams. It didn’t get any better than that in the “muscle car” era.

This Supra TT also stands out too. It was the pinnacle of JDM performance, which quickly evolved to 500 HP Supras as the tuners got started… then over the years, in succession, 600, 700, 800, and now at least 1000. All easily attained with stock internals. And just as importantly they handled. This especially handsome example challenges us with a provocative license plate and aftermarket aerodynamics. We’d like to see what’s under the hood, and very likely in our thousand+ images from past car shows in Central Texas we’ve got an image somewhere of its engine.

Then there is this. Owned by the person who helped Central Texas take the horsepower of Supra TTs past the thousand mark. And while the color might be controversial and in-your-face, the specs of the car are unbeatable. Looking it over, you’d be hard pressed to make a single improvement to its styling or it’s specifications. Yet, Lamborghini will continue to amaze us by doing just that.

Our complete gallery follows:

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