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2015.08.02 – Leander TX Car Show [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

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Hot, dry, and unrelenting sun. The weather in Texas is a challenge for car shows in the summer months, so they start early in the morning and end early in the day before the temperature peaks. Nevertheless, Central Texas is chock full of car enthusiasts of all types, and they are not going to be held back. And what better show to attend than the monthly Leander Car Show? The entire range of cars (and trucks) appear here, from the earliest models of a century ago to the latest supercars, with literally everything in between.

And then there are some special vehicles., of the type you may only see once. That vehicle this month, our choice for the top vehicle of the show, is a 1926 Ford Model TT truck.

Read the full story of the TT here, and enjoy the car show gallery of 151 images below.

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