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2015.10.04: Leander TX Car Show [gallery]

by DrivingEnthusiast

logo - Leander TX car show A beautiful warm day in Texas, maybe a little warmer than it should be for October. But the perfect day to walk around a car show. The monthly Leander show was held today, but due to a competing car show attendance was lower than normal.

Our favorite car of the show was hard to pick, as always so many choices, so we’ll pick this rat rod-style classic Oldsmobile. What makes it a rat rod? The rusty patina, the Frankenstein welding. Not something you normally see on an Oldsmobile, but then the creativity is all over this one. We believe it’s a work in progress and we’ll look forward to seeing how it turns out at a future show. A complete detailed set of images is in the gallery below.

Our gallery of selected cars is here:

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