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Lucky Brits: they get all the good Ford stuff

by DrivingEnthusiast

… but mostly because they invented nearly all of them. From the Lotus Cortina thru the Cosworth series (Capri, Granada, Scorpio, Sierra, Escort, RS200), the ST series (Fiesta, Focus, and previous gen Mondeo), and the RS series (Capri, Sierra, Taunus, RS200, Fiesta, Escort, Focus). But things change for the better: Ford finally focused (no pun intended…?) on designing common platforms for worldwide use, which enabled them to bring the Focus ST (and Fiesta ST) to North America buyers. The success of which meant that the planned Focus RS would be developed for worldwide buyers. If there is one little irritation… it’s that the RS is being delivered first in Europe and here in America we have to wait a few months more! So we are very closely reading the first tests of the RS in Europe… even the American car magazines are – so far – only testing in Europe. That will change eventually of course.

So for those of us eagerly waiting, here’s a driving test straight from the roads (and track) of Europe thanks to Auto Express:

And Auto Express recently named the top ten performance cars in the UK, with the Focus RS topping the list.We’re very much looking forward to the first competitive tests of a production model in the American press – hopefully in Road & Track where comparative speeds and g-loads on a racetrack are a favorite passion of ours.

Clearly Ford has a phenomenal hit on its hands!

But if there is one thing wrong with the American Focus RS, it’s that the order bank is now full for the 2016 model, so orders taken now would go to 2017. Sigh, we’ve waited 20 years for an official Cosworth or RS, we can wait another 8 or 10 months.


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